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Online Store Builder – Create an Ecommerce Store to Sell Online

No coding skill required

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Start your online business with upselley

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Create a store account

Let's start to build your own e-commerce website and choose your unique website name.

upselley offers you a free e-commerce website name.

You do not need technical experience to create your own e-commerce website.

Add products

Let your customer know about the products you offer. Add products to your e-commerce website.

Now, the list of products you offer is listed in your e-commerce store.

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upselley store payment

Enable payment method

We offer Razorpay as a payment gateway. Using this, you can create an easy payment check-out for your online store.

The Payments will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Online store is Ready

That's it, now your own free eCommerce website is ready.
You can easily sell products and maintain your own eCommerce website. You do not need coding experience to create and maintain your digital store.

Let’s start selling online.

Share your eCommerce store on any social media. This will greatly help you to promote your business to the world and get more sales.

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helps to determine the best path for your business

Move your business to the next level

Build your own online store free to bring your business to the online customers. Now your offline store becomes an online store to make business much better and generate more revenue.

Get a custom domain for your website

Create your own online store with upselley and Connect your own brand domain that helps your customer feel like your brand e-commerce website.

Build your own online store

If you have a fresh idea for an online business, then create your own e-commerce website for your business, list products, integrate payment, and start selling online.

Switch to upselley

Where you are using other e-commerce solutions or thinking to do business online. Within a minute your online store is ready. Share your website with customers, get orders, and get paid instantly.

Online Store Builder

Create an Ecommerce Store to Sell Online

Easy catalog

Create your catalog with a simple-modern UI interface.

Store website

Create your digital store without technical experience. You get a unique e-commerce website free for your products.

Order notification

You will receive an order notification when your customers place an order in your e-commerce store.

Customer information

Your customer base is listed on your store dashboard, which helps you to manage your customers and their orders.

Online payment

upselley provides Razorpay payment gateway to accept all types of payments from your customers.

Whatsapp - Chat

Enable the WhatsApp chat button in your store dashboard. It enables direct chat from your customer to your WhatsApp.

Custom domain

In the next step, you can connect your own domain to the upselley store.

Custom template

Based on your business type, you can customize your store appearance.


setup once, sell anywhere and anytime

Build your store

Bring your idea to life with the tools you need to start selling.

Build your online presence

Put your brand into action—develop customer loyalty and promote your business on social.

upselley store products

Single dashboard to manage your online store

Orders, payments, delivery, inventory, and customers all can be easily managed through your store dashboard. A single place to manage everything.

No commission charge for orders

We do not collect any commission charge for your orders.

Easy e-commerce tools

Easy product sharing for any social media and WhatsApp from your store. This will greatly help you to promote your business to the world. Products, categories, accepting orders, and managing orders status will be easy in your store dashboard.

Get a customer support

Reach us via mail, call, chat, and social media sites.

Types of online business

Here is the lists are different types of online businesses that use upselley to create an e-commerce store and start selling online.


Frequently Asked Questions?

  • upselley is one of the first API headless e-commerce platform. This allows the small shop owner to create an e-commerce store in just 3 steps. Let’s start to build your e-commerce website and start selling online in an easy way.

  • Need your own e-commerce website and products so, create a store in upselley and add your products. Your unique e-commerce website has been created. Start selling online. These are the steps you need to take to move your business online.

  • No designer or developer is required. Any non-tech person also can create their own free eCommerce website in upselley. Those who know how to use a smartphone can easily create and maintain an e-commerce store in upselley.

  • In just 60 secs you can create your e-commerce store and immediately your store will be activated. The payment gateway will be activated after the completion of KYC. This takes a minimum of 1 business hour based on Razorpay terms.

  • No, there is no time limit for the free plan. The free subscription plan will be automatically activated every month. You can stick with the free subscription plan as long as you are interested, but there is a limit to adding products to your e-commerce store.

  • Get a free custom domain for your e-commerce website in upselley just by signing up.

  • Yes, payments are secure and quick by a third-party Razorpay payment gateway. upselley did not handle any payment-related activities.

  • Yes, the store owner is responsible for sending the order to your customer. You can partner with any third-party courier service to handle the dispatch.

  • Currently supported in India and Indian Rupees only

  • Yes, Selecting niche electronics products to sell online is the best way to get a profitable electronics business in India.

  • Yes, you can do it. It is your responsibility to fulfill orders when they arrive. You can be a partner with any third-party courier service.

  • With a single click on your dashboard, you can share your products on social media sites. It reduces the time spent on posting on all social media sites. Promote your business ease and show your products.